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On April 6-11, 2006 in Paris 174th session of the UNESCO Executive Board was held. In particular, on this session the report of Koitiro Matsuura, the UNESCO Director General, on execution of decisions and further UNESCO activity on the results of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) was considered and discussed. UNESCO Executive Board has endorsed the results of the activity of Director General in the frameworks of the Summit. It is according to his activity the UNESCO has become much more noticeable as a participant in solving tasks of using ICT for the purposes of development and also other questions of forming global information society. Among the recommendations which were given by the Executive Board, the UNESCO was proposed to keep paces of development of partnership between the UNESCO and civil society and private sector, to strengthen or establish new interrelations with a view to promote realization of Geneva Action Plan taking into account recommendations of the World Report “Towards Knowledge Societies”. Among other questions on the session were considered “Proposal on Adoption of a Binding International Legal Instrument to Ensure Respect for Prophets, Beliefs, Sacred Values, Religious Symbols and Places of Worship” and “Respect of Freedom of Expressions, Sacred Beliefs, Values and Religious and Cultural Symbols”.

Information from the press-service of the Russian Committee of the UNESCO Information for All Programme.

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