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International state Ecological University named after A.D. Sakharov and the Baltic University (Sweden) have signed an Agreement on Cooperation in Education and Science. The UNESCO Chairholder of Sakharov University Ms. Goncharova has informed, now Belarusian scientists are included into the program for sustainable development of the Baltic region. This program is aimed at studying the bio diversity of the Baltic, water and agricultural management. Moreover, the agreement supposes the creation and application of joint automated information systems on ecology and environmental protection, as well as exchange of students for the educational purposes.

The ecological university has about 15 agreements on scientific and technical cooperation with the foreign partners, Mr. Goncharova noted. She says that the closest relations the university has with educational institutions from Great Britain, Germany and France. In particular, joint Belarusian and German and French laboratories are created and successfully operate. Students from Belarus are invited there in order to have an internship, write a term paper or diploma paper. Since 1995 a joint project with the Jules Verne University of Picardy (France). The CORE project (culture of residence and memory) helps the citizens of regions contaminated with radiation and serves to further strengthening of friendly ties between the educational institutions of our countries.

It should be noted, that Mr. Goncharova, the UNESCO Chairholder, professor of the chair on ecology monitoring, in 2003 was awarded the decoration of French honor “Academy Palm”. By the award her great contribution to the joint research of the ecological university and a number of French scientific organizations aimed at studying the ecology culture of residing in radiation contaminated regions and creation of international student research laboratory for environmental monitoring.

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