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Ms. Bliznyuk, the chairperson of the organization said.

In order to achieve this objective the organization works a lot. In particular, recently together with the National Museum of History and Culture, Belarusian State University of Culture and the National Commission for UNESCO the youth research project Traditions of Ancestors has been completed. Within the project in 5 regions of the country 6 youth expeditions were held. At their course the young people studied national traditions and rituals, researched ritual sites, collected ethnographic and folklore material. Students learned the basics of tourism, ecology, history of the regions, ethnography, and got acquainted with the Belarusian folk culture. At the course of the project 54 rural villages were studies, a collection of ethnographic material containing clothes and household things was made.

The result of the expeditions was the participation in the fall international conference on problems of Belarusian national culture under the UNESCO auspices that was held in Zalessye a family mansion of M.K. Oginsky.

One more interesting project Castles of Belarus is aimed at creation of conditions for the growth of national self-identification of young people, their involvement into cultural, historical and nature heritage of our country. Young men and women learned about the culture, traditions and history of their country. Participating in archeological digs and repair works the young people directly touch the history, not theoretically but practically.

Such projects are unique nowadays, they influence the patriotic, esthetic and civil upbringing of youth engaging them into the reach spiritual heritage of Belarusian people, Ms. Bliznyuk stressed.

The Belarusian Association of UNESCO Clubs pays great attention to participation of Belarusian young people in volunteer movement abroad. Annually dozens of them assist to repair works in historical and architectural objects in Germany. The young people interested in cultural heritage of this country, its life and wishing to improve their German language skills and find friends work there. The developed program includes also educational activities.

Its worthy mentioning that BelAU is in the top five of the most famous youth associations. It has partnership organizations in Russia, Lithuania, Germany, Romania, Moldova, France, the USA and Sweden. In Belarus there are 65 UNESCO clubs comprising the BelAU created in 1989. Basic programs of the organization are the Heritage, UNESCO Clubs Universities, Environment, Healthy Life Style and Generations Creation.

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