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In the nearest future the documents for inclusion of the Brest Fortress into the UNESCO World Heritage List shall be prepared. Such a decision was taken at the meeting of coordination council of oblast executive committee on protection of material and spiritual heritage on 25 November.

In accordance with the expertise assessment and recommendation of the UNESCO commission held this year the fortress as a transboundary object together will its all fortification buildings may contend to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Now there are 35 fortress objects of the Brest fortress located on the territory of the city on the Bug and Brest region beyond the fortress itself. They have a different degree of preservation, form of ownership, condition and use. Besides, half of these objects have no owners and are abandoned.

As Mr. Sumar, chairman of the coordination council, has noted at the meeting, that there no big problems with the object that comprise the memorial “Brest Hero-Fortress’, but the rest of the forts, warehouses and different fortifications outside the memorial need to be deal with by the Brest city executive committee and regional executive committee, they shall find their owners and bring them in order. Every object shall have a memorial board on it.

The decision taken by the coordination council notes, that in recent time two main conditions in order the object is included into the World Heritage List shall be met: all objects of the fortress shall be ideally preserved and relevant documentation in accordance with the standards of this international organization shall be prepared.

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