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Activities Plan for 2004


The National Commission will continue its activity on some priority projects connected with conservation of water resources and biodiversity in Polesie, and on conversion into digital format the most valuable documents and literature heritage in the framework of UNESCO Program "Memory of the World".

- Meeting of National Commission of Belarus for UNESCO (December);

- Preparation and direction to the UNESCO Secretariat reports upon fulfillment of the Participation Program projects from 2002-2003 years (January);

- Preparation and direction to the UNESCO Secretariat projects for including into the Participation Program on 2004-2005 years (January);

- Participation at the work of 169 and 170 sessions of the UNESCO Executive Council (April, October);

- Participation at the work of:

- Intergovernmental Council of the Program "Information for all";

- International Coordination Council of Program "Man and the Biosphere" (MAB);

- Committee on Conventions and Recommendations - Participation at the International thematic events of UNESCO;

- Participation as monitors at the meetings of intergovernmental committees and councils for UNESCO Programs;

- Realization of projects on the line of UNESCO alleged for financing at the meetings of NCB and approved by the UNESCO Secretariat:

- in the frames of Participation Program;

- in the frames of UNESCO Program activity.

- Organization and conducting of events financed from reserve of the NCB:

- regional seminar of the UNESCO Chair (February);

- events dedicated to 50 years of Belarus membership at UNESCO;

- International Congress "The new generation in dialogue of cultures on the post Soviet space";

- the 3-d National Festival of the UNESCO Associated Schools and Scientific Practical Conference (December);

- International Day of native language;

- the Day of philosophy;

- International Scientific Theoretical Conference "The heritage works of Rerikh family through dialogue of cultures: philosophical aspects of comprehending";

- Equipment of Mir castle for conducting the Festival of medieval culture and music and other cultural events.

- Publication of information materials and information about the activity of UNESCO:

- advertisements of information on UNESCO themes in mass media means;

- elaboration of the National Commissions web site.

- Cooperation with the UNESCO Secretariat, UNESCO office in Moscow, National commissions for UNESCO of foreign countries.

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