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The Republican Public Association "Belarusian Association of UNESCO Clubs" unites more than 50 clubs.

Currently the activity of Association is carried out on 11 programs:

"UNESCO Clubs Universities" Program (the priority program conducting educational activities (educational sections, practical lessons, training, round-table discussions) for teaching young people to work on the basic directions of the UNESCO Clubs movement activity, methods of self-management and organization of cultural and social events, social actions, necessary information reporting, latest data collecting and dissemination of positive experience in appropriate areas; realization of winter and summer Universities (with participation of foreign clubs) of UNESCO Clubs);

"The Culture of Peace" Program (workshops and conferences on problems dealing with learning skills of constructive behavior in different conflict situations, using the conflict for self-development; promotion ideas of peace and nonviolence; preparation the members of Association for living in the world with a diversity of cultures);

"Leadership school” Program (preparation of presidents and facilitators of UNESCO Clubs and its other members for realization of activity which demands special knowledge and skills in administration and work with personnel, organizational management, dissemination of information and holding training);

Child & Human Rights” Program (the work of section "Studying of child and human rights" in the framework of a UNESCO club, and also learning section during winter and summer Universities of the UNESCO clubs);

Healthy Life Style” Program (the organization of various activities in the field of prevention of psychoactive substances consumption, HIV infection and STD among the youth and various vulnerable groups of population);

Heritage” Program (the acquaintance with culture, traditions and history of countries and nations - all that makes a world global heritage of mankind. The program contains two components: Belarus and other countries);

The Linguapax” Program (organization of International camps for training colloquial English together with the Ministry of Education of Belarus and the American Public Organization “Bridges of Education”; affording an opportunity to visit International Linguistic Camps abroad by schoolchildren and students);

Generations Creation” Program (the creation of conditions for individual and collective creativity of any directions and of different age groups, conducting of open-airs, exhibitions, competitions);

Information & Communications” Program (the activity in the field of creation, reception, processing and distribution of information, using the newest information technologies);

The Environment” Program (conducting ecological actions, scientific researches in the sphere of ecology);

The Partner” Program (the establishment and further development of the contacts between the Belarusian UNESCO Clubs and foreign organizations working on similar directions and interested in partnership with the Belarusian Clubs for realization of joint projects).

In August 2002 the International Summer University of UNESCO Clubs – 2002 was held.

Among its participants were 230 representatives of UNESCO Clubs from Belarus, Russia, Rumania, Poland and Latvia.

The Belarusian Association of UNESCO Clubs works in a close contact with the National Commission for UNESCO, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Health, the National AIDS Prevention Center, the UN Office in Minsk.

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