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UNESCO Associated Schools


In the project "The net of UNESCO associated schools" in Belarus participate 11 schools.

The main task of activity of schools-participants of Republican public association "Belarusian Association of UNESCO Schools" together with the UNESCO Clubs, the UNESCO Chairs, state and public organizations is to assist of creation conditions for continuos education and upbringing in the context of UNESCO ideals and programs.

The basic programs of activity:

• "The ideals and activity of UN and UNESCO" (conducting of quizzes and concourses about the activity of UN and UNESCO);

• "Education and upbringing in the spirit of peace" (establishment of direct contacts between schools of different countries, studying of actual and creation of new educational programs);

• "Getting acquaintance with culture and traditions of countries and other peoples of the World" (organization of cultural exchange, children paintings exhibitions);

• "Culture of Belarus in the infrastructure of the World peoples culture"(promotion of the national culture and traditions of Belarusian people, history of Belarus, festivals of the national creative works, conducting of ritual holidays and theatrical performances);

• "The World peoples languages" (studying of languages and researches in the field of linguistics and literature, scientific and practical conferences, seminars and concourses);

• "Ecological education and upbringing" (conducting of ecological actions, scientific researches in the field of ecology, scientific and practical conferences);

• "For the healthy stile of life" (educational seminars, lectures, conferences on widening the knowledge of preventive measures against smoking, narcotic dependency, alcoholism and HIV infection through projects "Schoolchildren for schoolchildren");

• "Charity" (seminars, conferences, participation at the volunteer activity, meetings with children-handicapped, participation of children-handicapped at the educational programs);

• "The school of leadership" (preparation of administration and management skills);

• "The childs rights" (seminars on studying of the human rights).

- In March 2002 the seminar "The UNESCO Associated Schools of Belarus in the XXI-st century: priorities, problems and perspectives" with participation of the projects national coordinators of Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Poland and Latvia was held in Minsk.

Upon results of the Seminar the resolution was adopted in which suggestions of its participants on possible directions and forms of cooperation in the frames of cluster and interregional stage were included.

- In December 17-18, 2002 the first Festival of the UNESCO Associated schools of Belarus dedicated to the International Year of the World heritage took place.

- In March 2003 the National Photographic Competition on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the UNESCO Associated Schools was held.

Upon its results some works were selected for the participation in the International Photographic Competition.

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