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Scientific publications


The Chair’s specialists published more than 200 papers in domestic and international editions and obtained more than 30 certificates of authorship and patents.




1. V.G. Bashtovoi, B.M. Berkovskiy, A.N. Vislovich. Introduction in Thermodynamics of magnetic fluids. – M.: IVTAN USSR, 1985

2. B.M. Berkovskiy, V.F. Medvedev, M.S. Krakov. Magnetic fluids. M. Khimia, 1989.

3. Magnetic fluids and Applications Handbook, /Editor-in-chief: B.Berkovski, Editor: V.Bashtovoi. - Begell House Inc. Publishers, New York, USA, 1996.

4. Basics of Energy Conservation: Lecture course. /Under the redaction of N.G. Hutskaya/ Minsk: Tekhnologia, 1999

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