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Scientific work


Main Scientific Directions of the Chair

Development and Research of efficient mechanisms of the management of energy transfer processes, including using a Novel “Smart” Material - Magnetic Electrorheological Fluids (MERF) and Their Applications for Energy Effective Technologies;

Analisis and optimization of the methods and schemes of the thermochemical conversion of biomass.

These research directions include:

- Development and synthesis of magnetic fluids;

- Research of physics properties of magnetic fluids;

- Research of magnet-controlled hydrodynamic and thermal processes in flows of magnetic fluids with free surface;

- Research of dissipative processes in magnetic-fluid systems;

- Development of efficient magnetic-fluid damping systems and shock-absorbers, encapsulators of running rollers, magnetic-fluid measuring systems;

- Solution of problems of thermochemical conversion of biomass with a view to produce fuel for gas turbine engines and carbonic fuel elements.

Main Scientific Developments

- Magnetic fluids on different liquid bases with set characteristics;

- Magnetic-fluid compression;

- Magnetic-fluids dampers;

- Methods of controlling hydrodynamics and thermotransfer with magnetic fields.

The scientific laboratory "Thermomechanics of Magnetic Fluids" was established in 1991.

Scientific manager – doctor of physical and mathematical sciences Viktor Bashtovoi

Head of the laboratory – candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Alexander Rex

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