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Participation in Educational Programmes


Since 1996 World Solar Programme 1996 – 2005 which was adopted at the World Solar Summit at the UNESCO initiative for the implementation of the ideas of Harare Declaration on Solar Energy and Sustainable Development has been carried out.

At the iniative of the UNESCO Chairs the project “National Programme of Education in the Field of Energy Conservation and Renewable Energies” was included in the World Solar Programme.

Main Projects

- World Solar Programme 1996-2005"National Educational Programme on Energy Conservation and Renewable Energies" - High-Priority National Projects of the World Solar Programme 1996-2005

- EURONETRES - European Network on Education and training in Renewable Energy Sources as a part of the Global Renewable Energy Education and Training Programme 1996-2005 as one of the Global Projects of the World Solar Programme 1996-2005 (UNESCO-ROSTE)

- "Creation of a Renewable Energies Educational and Scientific Center in Belarus on the basis of the UNESCO Chair “Energy Conservation and Renewable Energies” at the Belarussian State Polytechnical Academy" (General Conference of UNESCO, Resolution 29 C/DR. 131, 1977)

- BYE 302 "Creation of the Computerized Data Base and Educational Technologies on Energy Conservation and Renewable Energies" - UNESCO Participation Programme 1998-1999. 


At the World Forum of UNESCO Chairs (Paris, 13-15 November, 2002) the UNESCO Chair in Energy Conservation and Renewable Energies was awarded for the implementation of the objectives of the UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme and for higher academic level and achievements in the field of education and research.

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