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Main activities


The main objective of the Chair is to form and to run an integrated system of educational, scientific, informational and organizational measures for training engineers for the Republic of Belarus which are focused on the solution of the problems of energy conservation, including through the wide use of renewable sources of energy, and capable to solve these problems applying the methods developed in other countries.

The main tasks of the Chair are:

- Development of educational plans and recommendation which are integrated in the world system for training engineers in the field of the energy conservation and renewable sources of energy;

- Preparation and publishing of educational and methodological and scientific literature generalizing the world experience in the solution of the problem;

- Preparation of lectures, practical and laboratory studies for students and specialist of different specialties, including the ones with participation of foreign professors;

- creation of specialized training laboratories;

- preparation of specialized training courses for raising the level of skills and retraining of industry engineers;

- establishment of international contacts ensuring the training of specialist in foreign education institutions and organizations and exchange of world experience in the field;

- coordination of activities of domestic and foreign organization in training of relevant specialists;

- coordination and conducting of research, including joint projects with foreign partners on the problem;

- fulfillment of enlightening and information and marketing functions, creation of information, learning and scientific software and databases intergrated in the world information system;

- organizing learning and methodological seminars, conferences and meeting on the problem.

Teaching Activities of the Chair

The teaching activities of the Chair are aimed at the implementation of the state policy in the field of energy conservation concerning its information and education component and is being carried out at two principal directions:

- training of specialists with higher education at the specialty «Energy Effective Technologies and Management of Energetics» (qualification: engineer – energy manager) and “Packing Technology” (qualification: engineer-constructor-designer)

- comprehensive preparation of students of all specialties of the academy in the field of energy conservation.

Preparation of Specialists of Higher Qualification

At the Belarusian National Technical University there is the Council which is based on the UNESCO Chair for the defence of doctoral and candidate dissertation (D 02.05.16) for the following specialities:

01.02.05 – fluid, gas and plasma mechanics - physical and mathematical sciences,

01.02.05 – fluid, gas and plasma mechanics - technical sciences,

approved by the Order of HAC No. 58 c of September 23, 2003

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