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Scientific Work 


In the period 1999-2004 the UNESCO Chair at the MSLU worked with two projects “Ideas of Culture of Peace and Development of a Teacher’s Personality” (1999-2001) and “Peace and Tolerance Though Languages and Civic Education:

Comparative Analysis of Educational Strategies of European Countries” (2002-2004).

The main goal of these projects was to unite the efforts of university teachers, school teachers, students and representatives of youth organizations in creating necessary conditions to develop the system of intercultural and civic education in the Republic of Belarus though teaching and studying foreign languages.

Since 2001 a pedagogical club operates at the MSLU.

In the framework of this club a joint project of young teachers of the chair in pedagogics and the students “Learn and Teach the Culture of Peace” has being carried out, annually a training school for students-communicators and a summer school “Learn and Teach the Culture of Peace” and a charity action “A Friend’s Hand” were held.

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