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Main Activities


The main goal of the UNESCO Chair on Peace and Tolerance through Languages and Civic Education is to search new approaches to training of pedagogical staff and development of civic education through teaching and learning foreign languages. Pursuing this goal, the chair has the following objectives:

- to establish cooperation with the UNESCO Chairs in our country and abroad and to participate in inter-university programs and projects;

- to coordinate the scientific and research activity on the basis of humanism and other democratic values;

- to joint the efforts of state and private organizations in order to provide access to new ideas in civic education;

- to promote and disseminate new strategies and technologies in the sphere of civic education of an individual;

- to implement the best world’s practice in the sphere of culture of peace and civic education into the study process and upbringing at the Minsk Linguistic University and other educational institutions and to create the modern study and methodical support for these processes;

- to intensify the language training of students though inter-cultural interaction.

In its activity the Chair guided by the following ideas:

- priority of democratic and humane values and respect to academic rights and freedoms;

- support of multilingualism in the society as a means of tolerance among people and protection of minorities;

- internationalization of higher education as a means of moving the world towards its unity;

- upbringing a free and democratic personality by creating the higher and secondary school open to society;

- high education and development potential of foreign languages;

- wide application of technologies aimed at development of a personality.

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