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Main Activities


Main activities of the Chair:

- humanization of education and the sustainable development of society;

- education in the sphere of sustainable development;

- preservation of biological diversity;

- environmental monitoring;

- environmental management;

- sustainable power engineering;

- social ecology.

Participation in Educational Programs:

“Sustainable Development of the Baltic Region” The program of the Baltic University;

Inter-regional postgraduate course in radiation safety of the International Atomic Energy Agency

Scientific Activity:

Carrying out inter-disciplinary scientific projects in the sphere of environmental education, environmental management and information technologies, as well as environmental monitoring

Organizational Activity:

Organization and supervision of the work of a student’s scientific laboratory, training and management of inter-chair international projects of the University and organization of international inter-disciplinary work meetings, seminars and conferences.

Information Activity:

Coverage of the UNESCO activity among the University staff and close partners, in mass media and Internet. Participation in the conferences, symposiums and seminars with the information about ISEU.


- Program of the Baltic University 2004/2005 (Upsala, Sweden);

- University of Applied Sciences, Ecology laboratory in Rawnesburg-Weingarten (Germany);

- Picardy University of Jules Verne (Amien, France);

- Agricultural University (Athens, Greece).

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