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General Provisions


UNESCO Chair Environmental Science and Management

International Sakharov Environmental University

Head: Nadezhda Goncharova

Address: 23 Dolgobrodskaya str., 220009 Minsk, Belarus

Тel.: + 375 17 2995135

Fax: + 375 17 2306998

E-mail: nadya@iseu.by, nadya_goncharova@yahoo.com,  gonch@hotbox.ru

General Information about the Chair

 The UNESCO Chair is created in accordance with the Agreement dated of June 9, 1994 with a view to promote an integrated system of research training, education and information in the spheres of environmental sciences and management.

The Chair provides an interaction between the teaching staff and scientific employees of the Sakharov Institute with a leading scientists from scientific and pedagogical centers of the work and CIS countries.

Structure and Staff of the Chair

The Chair is a structural division of the International Sakharov Institute of Radioecology and is accountable to the Rector.

The Chairholder is rector’s assistant in international contacts.

In its activity the Chair is directed by the provisions of the Agreement and the Statute of the Sakharov Institute as well as the legislation of the Republic of Belarus in the sphere of education and science.

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