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UNESCO Chair in Information Technologies and Law at the National Center of Legal Information of the Republic of Belarus (NCLI) was created as scientific, research and educational division that carries out its activity on a voluntary basis in accordance with the Agreement between the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the NCLI that was signed in April, 2003. It was signed under the initiative of the NCLI supported by the National Commission of the Republic of Belarus for UNESCO and the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in France.

Initiative of the Chair creation is a consequence of the NCLI’s experience on creation the state system of legal information of the Republic of Belarus (SSLI) that was created on the basis of intensive introduction of information technologies into law and provides access to authentic and updated legal information for all interested.

The goal of the Chair’s creation is increasing the efficiency of the activity on staff training in the field of legal informatization that is one of the most important functions of the NCLI including the one by using foreign experience in the field of development of information technologies and law.

The Chair started its activity in July, 2003.

Activities of the Chair include realizing scientific and research programs in the sphere of information technologies and law, legal informatization and state system of legal information, and also using the results of this researches at training highly qualified and competent teachers, managers and lawyers, contributing to creation of the single information and legal space of the Republic of Belarus and its inclusion to the global information community.

As the Chair was created under the UNESCO auspices, its activity is directed to contributing to fulfilling and active dissemination of decisions and recommendations of the United Nations and UNESCO in the field of realization of the right to information on activity of the state bodies, the electronic government, development of information technologies, legal maintenance of processes of informatization and legal informatization, development of the intellectual property law and the information law.

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